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Jim Antrim has been designing pleasure boats professionally since 1972. His expertise in composite engineering yields light and efficient structures. Extensive experience as a sailor and racer leads naturally to performance oriented designs.
web site: www.AntrimDesign.com

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Modern sloop rig
Jib at each end, headstays also hold up rotating wing mast; very simple, no technical challenges, method already proven on Russel Brown proas.
(see roller furling example)
Catboat rig
No jibs, easier to shunt, rear rudder heavily loaded, use front rudder for steering?
"Bucky Boom"
Main and jib rotate together, 180 degrees on each tack. Lightweight modified wishbone rig composed of struts and wire stays.

Early sketches and studies of Pacific proa by Jim Antrim
© Jim Antrim, all rights reserved.

Jim Antrim, Naval Architect
web site: www.AntrimDesign.com

On sailing the 40 foot trimaran Aotea:
"These boats are flat out exhilarating. Aotea was easy to singlehand, and we hit upwind speeds as high as 18 knots and close to 30 off the wind. Can you imagine how much fun a one-design fleet would be in San Francisco Bay?" (full interview - SailingAnarchy.com)


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