Dual full time counter rotating rudders connected by a Mamba™ driveshaft system (using "Bevelheads" and Universal Joints from Lewmar)
is one strong and easy way to go.  This system supports continuous rotation in one direction (as needed on a proa) and multiple steering stations with very low friction.  Both rudders would be retractable for repairs, beaching or storm survival tactics but otherwise left down all the time.

Yes, the forward rudder is vulnerable...  Designing it to survive a heavy blow (or fail gracefully) is challenging but not impossible.  Carrying a spare is a good idea too!

Whichever rudder is loaded most heavily will be moved the least, requiring some kind of "collective", or independent setting, as described for Tom Blackaller's radical canard ruddered USA-61 and refined later by DynaYacht, now CBTF Co..

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