Tiny Dancer - 21' Proa by Ted Warren

Some Specs: 
Configuration: Pacific Proa 
LOA: 21 ft. 
BOA: 8.5 ft. 
Sail Area: 11 sq. m. 
Weight: 100 lbs, assembled boat and spars 
Bruce Number: 1.7 with typical crew 
Hull Fineness Ratio: 21.5:1 
Number of bows: 4
Subject: [MHml] Tiny Dancer Launched
    Date: Tue, 04 Nov 1997 18:42:00 -0500
   From: Ted Warren <twarren@alum.mit.edu>
     Org: Warren Multihull Designs
       To: Multihulls Mail List


Tiny Dancer was launched last Sunday afternoon at Mystic Lake in Medford Massachusetts. It was a rainy day, but we decided to launch anyway, considering all of the hard work of the last few weeks.

The wind was light so we don't have any performance data, but we were pleasantly surprised at how easy and controlled it was to shunt, which we had plenty of opportunities to practice. The dual rudder-foils system was designed with the help of Dick Newick, and proved to allow excellent control while abeam and stopped. We could have used more rudder control though, while sailing; the rudder-foils MKII will have more area.

Tiny Dancer was easy to assemble, the biggest problem was rigging the very large (11m) windsurfer sail and getting the battens, cambers, downhaul, and outhaul right (we didn't). We carried her down the ramp and into the water. She floated very high in the water. We sailed her to sundown, grinning ear to ear. She's so light that any body movement is felt in the speed and heading. A slight puff and she scoots ahead without any sign of a wake.

I will be glad to answer any questions.  (Warren Multihull Designs)


Ted Warren

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