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Pacific Proa: Double-ended sailing multihull with
main hull to leeward (75% displacement)
and small hull to weather (25% displacement)
Goes opposite direction
when tacking!
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Click for rotating view! (156K)
Balanced Rotating Rig!
SCALABLE! large hull small hull
Length 69 feet 38 feet
Displacement 5.2 tons 1.8 tons
Beam 4.1' 2.5'
Draft 2.3' 1.5'
D/L Ratio 18 at rest,
22 flying ama
33 at rest,
26 at 75% RM,
17 at 50% RM
7 tons total, 34' beam overall
Simple Question:
Why a Proa?
At sea it quickly becomes apparent that no other single factor contributes more to safety, speed, and comfort than waterline length.

The unique weight-distribution characteristics of the Pacific proa with the smaller, lighter hull to weather, give it the longest possible waterline for any given weight and rig!

Compared to similar catamarans, trimarans, and monohulls, the Pacific proa configuration stretches the same materials, rig and associated costs into a sailboat that is 64% longer!!!

The typical Pacific proa rig would be considered conservative in sail area for other boats the same length, yet is adequate for routine high speeds, occasionally on a single hull flying the small ama to weather.

Click for rotating view! (156K) For example, this 21 meter (69 feet) design has accommodation, displacement, sail area and cost very similar to the Venezia 42.

For blue water cruising, the extra twenty-seven feet of waterline(!) on the main hull of the Pacific proa handles 75% to 100% of vessel displacement with ease, resulting in a swifter and more seaworthy sailing yacht.

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Click for rotating view! (156K)
Scalable Pacific proa design suitable for variety of sizes!
See Rig and Steering Details!
Currently designing large
multihulls inspired by the
Flying Proas of Micronesia.
Feet Meters Displacement
7-9 tons
?? tons
?? tons
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Extensive engineering analysis of stability, drag, weight and load capacity, rig, rudders and steering, etc.,
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Web site by
Joseph Oster -
Joseph sailing!
Versions of this design: All 3D models created by Joseph Oster using MultiSurf by AeroHydro

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