Interior accommodations

21 meter (70') Cruising Proa - scroll to profile view and discussion of design considerations

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Design Considerations and Details
The Pacific proa's accommodation space consists of half the length of the large leeward hull plus the overhangs on each side - the leeward "pod" and "bridge deck" to weather. To facilitate the primary design goals of speed and seaworthiness offshore, and to handle the extra displacement caused by lifting the small hull, the clearance above the water for the bridge deck

is greater on a WTL Pacific proa than a typical equivalent cruising catamaran.

At the same time, overall height above the water of the enclosed space cannot be increased over the equivalent cruising catamaran without causing excess windage. These two factors limit the height of the central pilot house roof (at its edges, the top of the windows) to just barely five feet above the bridge deck, the same height that is commonly found on 40' catamarans and adequate for seating. Full standing head room is available only in the main hull.

The galley (in yellow), salon and steering station is located in the center of the main hull where pitching motion is at an absolute minimum.

Proa compared to Catamaran